I’m passionate about words, Oxford commas, and creating content that people love to consume.  From writing to editing to strategizing, my goal is to spread exciting ideas and meaningful information like wildfire in a crowded digital forest. How we get information might be changing, but words — and how we use them — are as important as ever.

. . .


I’m a freelance editorial consultant based in Seattle. My services include:

website content strategy | campaign copywriting | content marketing | editing | article writing | social media posts | email newsletters | and more…


I’ve worked with clients big and small (from corporations to startups to authors) across a variety of industries (tech, media, retail). My clients include:

Microsoft | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center | Getty Images | Entrepreneur.com | Momento360 | Indie.Biz | Antonio Neves | Inaya | and others…


I have bachelor’s degrees (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Tau Alpha) in English and Journalism & Mass Communication from New York University. I also received a master’s degree in South Asian Studies from the Henry M. Jackson School of Internation Studies at the University of Washington.

I’m a Jersey girl by birth, but these days, I live in Seattle with my husband, our twin boys, and our overstuffed bookshelves.


For questions and project inquiries, you can reach me here: