Editorial Project Management: Website Content Strategy

When I first entered the world of online media, it was still unusual for a brand to have a Facebook page or Twitter presence, and social media buttons weren’t a ubiquitous presence on websites. In the case of MSN Business on Main, I saw the site through some major redesigns in response to seismic shifts in the world of Web publishing.

More recently, I served as the content strategist for the launch of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center’s inaugural website and helped them develop their online voice.

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Website launched in September 2015

MSN Business on Main

V1 of Business on Main (before redesign) → V2 of Business on Main (after redesign)

V1 of mobile presence (mobile site) → V2 of mobile presence (mobile app)

V1 of article template (before redesign) → V2 of article template (after redesign)

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