Articles & Essays: Culture

Culture is a broad term when it comes to writing, but I pride myself in covering a wide variety of topics with insight and compassion:


Life Lessons From Julia Child on Her 101st Birthday
From her life in France to her friendships, a culinary icon offers valuable lessons on living.
(Medium, August 2013)

7 Things I Learned as an English Major
There’s more to it than reading books, wearing tweed, and using words like ‘synecdoche.’
(Medium, July 2013)

Do It, Rockapella! Confessions of a ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Contestant
How I used up my 15 minutes of fame on a children’s geography game show in 1993.
(Medium, May 2013)

Love Notes From a Smartphone: How Technology Is Ruining Romantic Movies
Our favorite romantic classics, re-imagined in the era of smartphones and social media.
(The Huffington Post, February 2013)

Outsourcing Responsibility? The Mona Sarika Plagiarism Scandal
On December 3, we found out that we’d been published in the WSJ. Well, sort of.
(The Huffington Post, December 2009)

Nobody’s Model Minority
Forbes called Indian Americans a “model minority.” Here’s why that’s a problem.
(The Root, March 2009)

One in a Billion: A Review of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a gripping rags to riches story in the spirit of Bollywood. But is it realistic?
(The International Examiner, November 2008)

From Piyush to Bobby
Indian Americans question whether Bobby Jindal is “Indian enough.” Sound familiar?
(The Root, September 2008) Read the corresponding live chat on The Washington Post.


Color-Struck Around the Globe
Sammy Sosa’s new vampire complexion is a jarring reminder that around the globe, color does matter.
(The Root, November 2009)

Return to India
A frank conversation with Indian immigrants returning home in the face of economic uncertainty.
(Little India, June 2009)

Burlesque Is Back
… and chances are, it’s not what you think.  Here’s a look at its delightfully bold and bawdy return.
(Excerpt from MSN City Guides, June 2008)

An American Dream in Doubt
Families impacted by anti-Sikh violence in the U.S. after 9/11 speak out in a new documentary.
(International Examiner, April 2008)

Coffee Counter-Culture
In the nation’s coffee capital, espresso isn’t “just a drink” and being a barista isn’t “just a job.”
(Excerpt from MSN City Guides, April 2008)

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